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An Isometric Turn-based Strategy Game

The next game type I've been working on is the isometric turn-based strategy game. This one is based on a kind of Civilization style game.

Again, the game is written in C++ using the SDL libraries. The game runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The game is still only in very early alpha stages with very little in the way of game play implemented.

Development so far has centred on getting the following parts in place.

  • Mapping System - the ability to build maps in a level editor and then display and navigate them on screen. 
  • Visual effects - these include the automatic generation of coast lines, the grouping of terrain types like trees, hills or mountains, and the blending of neighbouring tiles of different types.
  • Unit navigation. The units can be moved around the map using intelligent path finding techniques. The paths chosen take into account the type of terrain needed to be crossed and the time needed to do so
  • Basic Orders. The system to allow units to take orders (such as Build City, Farm etc..) has been implemented.

Take a look at the game in action here 

Also, the level editor shows how levels are built up. Watch this video to see how the auto-coast function works on-the-fly.


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