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Recently, I've spent some time putting together a Super Mario type game.

The game is developed in C++ using the SDL library for graphics and sound handling.

This one is loosely based on Super Mario World for SNES. Game rules do not exactly match those of the real game and some key parts are missing such as there being no Yoshi in this version.

It will compile and run on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Future additions to the game could include:
  • additional levels
  • adding Caped Mario
  • adding extra enemy classes
  • adding Yoshi
  • adding Bosses
  • implementing sloped surfaces
  • Enemies are dumb at the moment. They are hard-coded to follow certain paths and react to Mario only under specific circumstances. A future addition to the game could be to add some real AI to the enemies. 


Take a look at the game and the accompanying level editor in the following videos.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level Editor